Resolutions 1999

1999 - 01 policy of Town Board regarding: sexually oriented businesses not receiving liquor licenses from Nye County Liquor License Board.

1999 - 02 Creation of public lands advisory board.

1999 - 03 Creation of nuclear advisory board.

1999 - 04 Creation of airport advisory board.

1999 - 05 Creation of economic development advisory board.

1999 - 06 Creation of Pahrump Ambulance Fund.

1999 - 07 Resolution supporting the sitting in Pahrump of community college of southern Nevada's proposed high tech educational center.

1999 - 08 Creation of Pahrump Ambulance Fund capitol project.

1999 - 10 Request all water rights acquired by Nye County within Town of Pahrump be given to the town for current projects and future growth.

1999 - 11 Creation of bill board and sign advisory board.

1999 - 12 A Resolution to join with the Nye County district attorney in requesting the attorney general investigate the matter involving Michael Cosgrave.

1999 - 13 A Resolution to provide for the transfer of ambulance funds held in town account at Nevada state bank once a month to the Nye County treasurer's account only and providing that the Town Manager advise the Town Board of the date and amount of said transfer to Nye County.

1999 - 14 authorizing acting Town Manager to negotiate an operating agreement for utility services in the Mountain Falls development.

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