Resolutions 2000

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Type Title
PDF 2000 - 01 A Resolution naming highway 160 in honor of Mr. Tim Hafen. 35KB
PDF 2000 - 02 A Resolution supporting Nye County commissioners in moving county boundary line south and east. 154KB
PDF 2000 - 03 A Resolution supporting Pahrump American legion post 22 in its efforts to acquire BLM land for a facility for veterans. 27KB
PDF 2000 - 04 A Resolution supporting the residents of Armargosa valley in their lawful pursuit of transferring their water rights. 134KB
PDF 2000 - 05 A Resolution supporting the variance filed by Nye County with the state board of health to be allowed to contract with a private firm to conduct inspe 44KB
PDF 2000 - 06 A Resolution creation of Pahrump vehicle fire capital project fund. 51KB
PDF 2000 - 6a 19KB
PDF 2000 - 07 Allocations of interest in all Pahrump funds, except the gas fund. 25KB
PDF 2000 - 08 E-commerce equity Resolution. 140KB
PDF 2000 - 8a 39KB
PDF 2000 - 09 Creation of Pahrump depository account for water/sewer utility funds received by Aqua Source Services and Technologies, Inc. 40KB
PDF 2000 - 9a 21KB
PDF 2000 - 10 Creation of Pahrump water/sewer utility fund. 21KB
PDF 2000 - 10a 23KB
PDF 2000 - 11 Town Board endures and supports the presence of and the action to secure additional financing for Pahrump medical center. 114KB
PDF 2000 - 12 A Resolution establishing trust account for community college of southern Nevada education task force. 124KB
PDF 2000 - 13 A Resolution authorizing a medium term obligation for the Pahrump fire rescue service. 37KB
PDF 2000 - 13a 14KB
PDF 2000 - 14 Petition to Representative Roy Neighbors and Senator Mike McGuiness for state assistance for partial funding of Pahrump-Nye County fairgrounds. 21KB
PDF 2000 - 14a 19KB
PDF 2000 - 15 A Resolution authorizing a medium-term obligation for the Pahrump Fire-Rescue Service. 29KB
PDF 2000 - 15a 11KB
PDF 2000 - 16 petition to the Nye County Board of Commissioners for county assistance for partial funding of Pahrump-Nye County fairgrounds. 108KB
PDF 2000 - 16a 19KB
PDF 2000 - 17 Resolution to the honorable governor of the State of Nevada on how the Town Board wishes to fill a Town Board vacancy. 31KB

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