Resolutions 2004

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PDF 2004 - 01 A Resolution creating a "sisterhood" with Carlsbad, New Mexico in relation to matters regarding the Yucca Mountain project. 37KB
PDF 2004 - 02 A Resolution to the Nye County commissioners in support of compliance with the endangered species act. 139KB
PDF 2004 - 2a A Resolution for a joint Town Board Resolution on Yucca Mountain town advisory boards. 14KB
PDF 2004 - 03 A Resolution updating the Nevada state bank signature cards. 45KB
PDF 2004 - 04 A Resolution for the Town Board to transfer funds from capital projects to ambulance. 24KB
PDF 2004 - 05 A Resolution for the Town Board to accept a payment in lieu of taxes from Pahrump courtyards associates. 23KB
PDF 2004 - 06 A Resolution for the Town Board required by the Nevada Department of Taxation to respond with a plan of corrective action. 21KB
PDF 2004 - 07 A Resolution to modify number of signatures required on all future Resolutions. 23KB
PDF 2004 - 08 A Resolution urging the Nye County Board of Commissioners to create A Resolution pursuant to NRS 405.010 setting limits on load and weight proscribing 155KB
PDF 2004 - 09 A Resolution allocating $100,0000.00 to the PVFRS / enterprise fund for the purpose of capital projects. 44KB
PDF 2004 - 10 A Resolution approving the final 2004-05 fiscal year Town of Pahrump and Pahrump swimming pool district budgets. 32KB
PDF 2004 - 11 A Resolution approving the Town of Pahrump capital improvement plan, indebtedness report, and debt management policy for fiscal year 2004-05. 135KB
PDF 2004 - 12 A Resolution to provide a standard severance pay policy for non-bargaining unit employees. 27KB
PDF 2004 - 13 A Resolution accepting the Hafen family donation of water rights to the Town of Pahrump for use at the Pahrump / Nye County fairgrounds. 39KB
PDF 2004 - 14 A Resolution authorizing the sole source purchase of a used aerial platform fire truck from advantage apparatus LLC. 33KB
PDF 2004 - 15 A Resolution accepting state taxation department debt obligation approval pursuant to NRS 350.089. 36KB
NoRecord 2004 - 16 this number was voided. there is no Resolution #16. 4KB
PDF 2004 - 17 A Resolution authorizing an additional load payment to the united states department of agriculture (USDA) - rural development agency. 31KB
NoRecord 2004 – 18 File not available. 4KB

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