Resolutions 2007

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PDF 2007 - 01 A Resolution approving the acceptance of a Nevada, Department of Transportation (NDOT) aviation trust fund grant to match the federal aviation admin 25KB
PDF 2007 - 02 A Resolution approving the external audit for fiscal year 2005/06. 23KB
PDF 2007 - 03 A Resolution establishing funding parameters for the Pahrump alley fire rescue service in conjunction with additional .05cent state sales tax revenue 24KB
PDF 2007 - 04 A Resolution designating Daniel C. McArthur LTD.. as the town's external auditor for the fiscal year 2006-2007 and approving the proposed audit letter 24KB
PDF 2007 - 05 A Resolution approving 2007 town petty requests to the Nye County Board of Commissioners. 23KB
PDF 2007 - 06 A Resolution approving the preliminary 2007-2008 fiscal year budgets for the Town of Pahrump and the Pahrump swimming pool district. 28KB
PDF 2007 - 07 A Resolution approving the final 2007-2008 fiscal year budgets for the Town of Pahrump and the Pahrump swimming pool district. 33KB
PDF 2007 - 08 A Resolution supporting the identification of the airport planning district as public lands for community purpose and economic development and 21KB
PDF 2007 - 09 A Resolution approving support of the "cleared hot" art exhibit, allowing use of the town's logo and . providing financial support in the amount of 34KB
PDF 2007 - 10 A Resolution requesting approval of cola increases of 3%for non-bargaining unit employees. 19KB
PDF 2007 - 11 A Resolution requesting the Nye County Board of Commissioners enact an ordinance to establish the 1/2, cent sales tax increase as approved in AB 461 23KB
PDF 2007 - 12 A Resolution approving an inter-local cooperative agreement between the county of Nye and the Town of Pahrump entitled "inter-local cooperative agreem 49KB
PDF 2007 - 13 A Resolution requesting Nye County board of commissioner's approval of development agreement terms for the Indian road subdivision development project 28KB
PDF 2007 - 14 A Resolution recognizing Pahrump alliance for valley economic development (paved) as the town's official economic development organization in matters 28KB

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