Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Comm.



Pahrump Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Committee

Great Basin College
Room 125
551 E Calvada Blvd,
 Pahrump, NV 89048
     11:30 AM



Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Committee Members:

  • John Pawlak - Chair
  • Mary Duff - Vice Chair
  • Robert Adam - Secretary
  • Michael Smith
  • Dale Griffith
  • Bill Stremmel



Meeting Location:

The Pahrump Nuclear Waste & Environmental Advisory Board meets once per month at the Great Basin College Room 125, 551 E. Calvada Blvd. Pahrump, NV 89048.

Meeting time:

1st Friday of the month at 11:30 AM

Nye County Liaison:

Commissioner Schinhofen




Apply to become an Advisory Board Member:

If you are interested in becoming a member of any of our Pahrump Advisory Boards, please obtain an application at the Town Office or click on the link below to download a printable copy of our Advisory Boards Application in pdf format. You can then submit the completed application with a letter of interest or resume indicating your background in the area you are interested in.

Completed applications should be mailed or dropped off at the Town Office, 2100 E. Walt Williams Drive, Suite #100, Pahrump Nevada 89048. Or you may send it via email to the Pahrump Town Office.

Download Files

Type Title
PDF PNWEAC Agenda May 4, 2018 61KB
PDF PNWEAC_Special Meeting Agenda_April 20, 2018 60KB
PDF Advisory Board Application 202KB
PDF PNWEAC Agenda April 6, 2018 61KB
PDF PNWEAC Agenda March 9, 2018 61KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_February 2, 2018 61KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_January12, 2018 61KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_December 8, 2017 62KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_November 3, 2017 62KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_October 6, 2017 61KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_September 8, 2017 197KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_June 2, 2017 134KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_April 14, 2017 56KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_March 10, 2017 64KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_February 10, 2017 111KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_January 6, 2017 111KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_December 02, 2016 117KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_November 11, 2016 111KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_October 07, 2016 111KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_September 02, 2016 59KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_May 06, 2016 125KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_April 01, 2016 142KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_March 4, 2016 141KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_February 5, 2016 74KB
PDF PNWEAC_Agenda_January15, 2016 74KB

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